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The following are list of study programs for the 2021 summer bootcamp for fresh students. For a full list of other Programs available for adults click here

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Training Program

We run our training using S.T.E.M teaching technique. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math based education for kids. Schools can’t tackle this issue by themselves. Nearly 80% of future careers will require some STEM skills. A stimulating STEM education is essential for developing the analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills central to academic achievement and workforce readiness in the 21st century.


Critial Thinking

Think creatively to make a working model. It also help children think logically and create a program to produce a specific behavior, brainstorm ideas and endeavor to bring some of them to fruition and reflect on how to find answers and imagine new possibilities

Impoves Children Creativity

It helps children write and present creative stories using models for visual and dramatic effects and also follow 2D drawings to build a 3D model

Develop Problem solving skills

It helps children develop problem solving skills by troubleshooting difficult problems. They make fair tests by changing one factor and observing or measuring the effect, establish links between cause and effect and make systematic observations and measurements

Improve communication skills

Develop vocabulary and communication skills to explain how the model works. Display and communicate data using tables. Collaborates with other innovators in other schools globally
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Our Asked Questions

  • Do you offer Discount for 2021 Kids Summer Camp?
    Yes, we offer a 35% discount for the first 10 people that registers only
  • What are the availiable methods for registeration?
    You can register at our study center or register via this website
  • How much does it cost per child?
    Cost depends on the program, click a specific program to get the actual prize of the program
  • Can an adult enroll for trainiing?
    Yes, adult can enroll for training on a separate arrangement. Visit the program section of this website to get access to the adult section